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Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to take a minute and share with you my experience with Bianca. I took both her Case Study tutorial as well as her Final Exam tutorial, both were incredibly helpful. I just received my marks back for my case studies and got 91% on one and 96% on the other!!! I can guarantee you I would not have been able to do that well on my own. Her tutorial broke down each section, how many marks were assigned to each part and how to ensure consistency throughout the case study. I would recommend every student take this tutorial, definitely money well spent. The Final Exam tutorial has been just as useful. Her study techniques are excellent. I am currently finishing up my 2 followup Case Studies and studying for my final exam which I will write in January.
I also had the pleasure to work with Bianca and her Wellness Business Systems. This program is a detailed, in depth approach on how to set up a successful nutrition consulting business. I already have two people waiting for me to be done school so I can take them on as paying clients! I truly feel that the amazing education provided by CSNN went hand in hand with Wellness Business Systems and am now confident in my abilities to create an extremely successful business.
If you would like to contact me via my personal email or phone with any questions or for further details on Bianca and how she has helped me please feel free! My email is
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy holiday season!
Jamie, Soon to be RHN!!!

Bianca Church’s program has enabled me to effectively open my new practice with confidence, knowledge and the tools necessary to generate an income immediately. The program content includes all documentations and forms needed to be organized, professional and business savvy and has eliminated the need for me to “re-invent” the wheel. Her passion for her practice and her clients are reflected in this program by the impressive attention to details. The program is designed to effectively coincide with the timing of your office setup starting with the basics which include determining if a home office will work for you. Throughout the process you are gaining awareness and excitement for your new venture. Bianca’s delivery of the program is made personal through her own life experiences with clients’ and the incorporation of case studies that are interesting, informative and easy to understand. Attachments for sessions are easy to integrate into your own practice by simply inserting your logo into the documents. The PowerPoint presentations are both professionally presented and delivered. The outlines are sequentially accurate which is important in the process of developing wellness plans for clients. Bianca’s wealth of experience and knowledge make this program invaluable for a new Holistic Nutrition practice. I would not hesitate to recommend Wellness Business Systems to other practitioners.  Yours in health,
Debra Greene, RHN, RNCP
Wellness Garden

As a health care practicioner I realize the challenge in moving from the text book to direct client interaction. Bianca Church provides an easy to follow manual and personalized direction to help you move into the nutritional consulting business with confidence.
Thanks, Dr. Greg McConnell D.C. (chiropractor)

After graduating from CSNN, I attempted to set up my business as a RHN.I gained several clients from some advertising and a couple of presentations, but I had some difficulty setting up a program that would help my clients to stay on track once we had dealt with the original issues, and I often felt like I was not really being effective. Bianca's Wellness Business System has helped me greatly to focus and to streamline my business. It is tailor-made for RHN's, and emphasizes teaching the client, to help them take ownership of their health. Bianca is an excellent coach, and the material she provides is detailed and easy to understand and use. I highly recommend all new grads to take this course if they are serious about setting up a successful practice.
Claire Chauvet, RHN, RNCP

Following the completion of my studies with CSNN, I felt I had gained an in-depth knowledge of Natural Nutrition. Unfortunately, I did not feel I had the practical background or the confidence to strike out immediately on my own. The thought of clients entrusting me with their health, even just for advice, was overwhelming. Bianca's mentorship helped to fill in these gaps. I gained a wealth of knowledge that was very applicable, and had Bianca's personal experiences to back it up. I realized that I had been previously unprepared to simply 'go it alone'. Nature's Wellness Business Systems gave me the tools to work with, and a reference to go back to whenever necessary. I am very pleased with my decision to enrich my education through her mentorship, and would recommend others to do the same.
Dolina Kerr, B.Sc., RHN, OHP

Just wanted to say thank you for putting together your Natures Wellness Business Systems.  The information that you have provided with the Binders, the CD and the Mentoring, has been instrumental in helping me set up a very professional and solid business. It has given me the confidence to start working with clients right away.

It has been great to be able to draw from your years of experience with regards to consultations, how to set up an office, paperwork, putting a professional package together and making a living with what I love doing. You have taken the guesswork out and made it simple and understandable without making the many mistakes that one makes when one is just starting out.
Kitty Clemens



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